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25 Songs of Christmas – Almost There

Well I did it again.  I let another day go by without blogging your Christmas song.  I think this is the first year that has ever happened twice.  I’m not really sure what it means. The first time it happened was because of sadness and being overwhelmed. Yesterday day’s blog also got lost in a hectic schedule, but at least this time I had much better reason.

Susie came home!

The first part of the day was spent preparing for her arrival, the second part was largely spent going to get her and settling back in.  Then once we got settled I simply wanted to enjoy the rest of the time left with my wife and son.  I didn’t cook.  I didn’t clean.  I didn’t blog.  We ordered take out, got caught up on what happened while we were apart, and then read our favorite Christmas stories to each other.

For the first time in weeks it started to feel like Christmas time.

As I lay awake next to Suz last night I took time to thank God for the blessings amid the chaos. I think it’s important to find reasons to give thanks no matter what, but I admit it was easier to do with my family back together. We’ve still got challenges ahead.  Chores, shopping, packing, traveling, and yet after the week we’ve had everything seemed more manageable by comparison.

I kept remembering this song and thinking, Yes we are almost there.  “Where death will die and life begins, the answered prayer, Emmanuel.”

We’re almost there.


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  1. Oh, Rachel, that’s beautiful! I’ve never heard that song before, thank you for sharing it!

    Comment by onamarae | December 14, 2015 | Reply

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