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25 Songs of Christmas – Belleau Wood

I posted this once a few years ago on a website and a bunch of people got into arguments in the comments about who could kicks who’s ass.  Army vs. Marines. USA vs England vs. Germany. War stories completely drowned out the message of the song. “Here’s hoping we both learn to see us find a better way.”

I wondered how people could get it so damn wrong.  And then I remembered the war story in the song and I thought, this right here is how we keep ending up on battle fields in the first place.  All this talk of heaven and hell gets swept behind the talk of who is bigger, who is better, who has it right, and who deserves to have any rights at all. I got so disheartened I took the song down.

It doesn’t matter who won what battle or what war.  What matters is that we don’t learn.  We can could and look each other in the eye one minute and then the very next “The Devil’s clock struck midnight and the skies lit up again.”  The skies always light up again.  It starts in comment sections and on the campaign trail and then in congress until it ends with bullets and bloodshed.

I understand people are scared.  I’m scared, too. I have more fear right now than I’ve probably ever had, but this song (And the poem before it) reminds me that those answers we rush to, the ones we’ve always rushed to, the scapegoating, the the violence, the shutting ourselves off, and the dehumanizing of who ever they tell us our enemy du jour might be always lead us right back here.

But for just one fleeting moment the answers seemed so clear…

I’m trying again.  I’m sharing again. Because at Christmas I am supposed to have hope and faith. I am reminded that peace comes in the most unusual forms and in the most surprising places. I believe God can still work miracles. And especially this year, as I focus on the idea of Emmanuel, God with us, I am trying to echo the sentiment, “Heaven’s not behind the clouds, it’s just beyond the fear.  No, Heaven’s not beyond the clouds it’s for us to find it here.”



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