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25 Songs of Christmas – Go Where I Send Thee

Happy Solstice.  Aside from actual Christmas Eve/Day, this is my favorite part of the holiday season.  It’s a reminder that here in the longest night of the year, so many people of faith choose to celebrate the return of the light.  Hanukkah, Solstice, Diwali, Christmas, we all choose to turn from dark to light.  It’s a nice thought, isn’t it?

This year has been a sort to turning toward the light for our family.  We had a couple years of really awesome, beautiful light. Then 2014 was really dark.  It was hard on so many levels, and we hoped it was an anomaly, some weird blip on our life-long radar.  Hoping for something like that was probably a bit like believing this darkest night of the year will just be the end of darkness and tomorrow we’ll all be back to gloriously long summer days.  It doesn’t work that way.  The light will return slowly, about a minute a day.  One minute out of 1,440 in a day.  It won’t even really be noticeable at first, and lot of other factors like clouds and terrain will make it even harder to see at first.

2015 has been like that for us.  Not a sudden burst of light, but a slow turn toward it.  Some days it seemed a clear linear path.  Others the clouds moved in and made things seems darker than they were.  It honestly wasn’t until I sat down to make our annual end of the year video that I remembered all the good things this year brought with it.  No, it wasn’t everything we hoped it to be. There were still some dark patches, but when you look at it all together wth a little dab of hope, it’s possible to see the light returning bit by bit.



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