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I interrupt your regularly scheduled book release prep to ask your help in a very important matter.

Don’t worry I’m going to have another Buffalove Blog coming soon, but in the mean time I’ve been working with more recent hobby: Photography.  I’m not formally trained, or inclined to be an artist, but I do have a lot of fun playing with my camera, and recently some people have begun to take notice. I’ve had a couple assignments with the local newspaper and this week a friend hired me to take some photos for her to use in promotional materials. On each of these occasions the people commissioning photos asked about the name of my photography business, and since I didn’t have a photography business I couldn’t give them the name.  I still don’t really consider myself in the photo business, but it does seem like I should at least have some sort of title to tell folks when they ask.  So, I did what any good social media director would do and punted the question over to Facebook where my awesome friends came up with some great options.

Then in great indecisive fashion instead of picking one for myself I picked a few of the ones I like best, and put them in a poll for people to choose for me.

I am going to leave the poll open until Sunday night, then I’ll announce the winner next week.





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