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Christmas Song Blog Day 7 – Come And Worship

Today was frenetic for me. It started with a fight with my bank that left me in tears and then spun wildly to include not making my word count goal and not getting my grocery shopping done in time to get the items I needed for the dinner I am no longer making for tonight.  I am tired and disappointed, and I’ve got a headache.  Also I still have no less than seven items on my to-do list.  Oh, and there’s a snowstorm coming.  Possibly a big one.  Anywhere from 4 inches of snow to two feet, because that’s not vague at all.  Also, my emotions are super raw.  Could you already tell that?

If you’re waiting for me to turn this into some awesome sermon, I am about to let you down, because I don’t have one in me.  All I have right now is today’s song, which I have listened to every time I’ve been in the car today.  Those have been my only moments of peace.  Those have been my only opportunities to lay it all down.  The refrain echoes, “come and worship.”  In stolen moments, come and worship.  Between the mess and hurry, come and worship.  Amid the chaos and confusion, come and worship.  In sadness and disappointment and hopes dashed too soon.

Come and worship, come and worship, come and worship, worship Christ the newborn king.



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