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Christmas Song Blog Day 8 – Let It Snow

So this is my first nonreligious song of the season, but it fits for today because we got our first snow here in Western New York.  About 5 inches so far with at least that much still to come.

I think snow is a good metaphor for my holiday.  Some people have spent all day complaining about the snow. It’s a mess and a lot of work.  This will likely be a two-snowblow and two-shovel days.  It’s cold. I haven’t been fully warm since I got out of bed today.  It’s dangerous. The roads are terrible, and I nearly got crushed by a semi truck. There are plenty of legit reasons to hate the snow.

But on the flip side, the snow is also fun.  The kids are giddy rolling it, throwing it, eating it, and making snow angels.  And it’s beautiful.  We get the thick, white, fluffy stuff here that sticks to tree branches and coats everything, making it look clean and bright.  And it’s exciting. Sort of like a thunderstorm, a blizzard carries some truly powerful energy.  It makes the hair on your neck stand on end, and your heart beats a little faster as the wind rattles the windowpanes.  There’s nothing better when you are cozy in front of the fire.

I’ve heard so many people arguing about the snow and what it means.  They do back and forth:

“I love the snow.”
“I hate the snow.”
“It’s so cold.”
“No, it’s so pretty.”
“The roads are terrible.”
“It makes you feel like a kid again.”
“It’s exhausting.”
“It’s invigorating.”

And the thing is, it’s all true.  Snow is all of those things. You don’t have to chose a side. The good exists with the bad. In fact, the two have to exist together. You can’t have warm snow.  Well you can, but that’s rain, and it’s not nearly as fun or pretty.

Christmas is like that.  You can’t have Bethelem without the forced journey there. You can’t have the shepherds without the dirt of the stable.  You can’t have the manger without acknowledging that there was no room in the inn.  And you can’t have the wiseman without Hared.

Or you could … but it wouldn’t be as meaningful.


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