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25 Songs of Christmas – Day 24 – O Holy Night

Tonight is Christmas Eve. We will spend it with my in-laws.  There will be food and there will be presents.  We will avoid talking politics.  It will be fun and hectic.  Then we will wrestle the kid into a shirt and tie and hustle off to church.  Church will be packed, and we’ll get there early because we take up a whole pew, and then we will keep my son, my godson, and his sister as calm as possible until the service starts.

And then the first strains of music will ring through the sanctuary, and I will lay it all down.

For 24 hours I will let it go.  I will approach the manger tonight in trembling awe and coursing wondering.  I will see the Christ child in the stable and in the faces of people around me.  I take the burdens of my life off my back for a little while and lay them at His feet.  I will bow my head and lift my voice and say, “Emmanuel, thank you for being with us.  Thanks for loving us enough to stand by us, then, now and always.”

I hope each of you can find a similar sort of peace on this Holy Night.


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  1. Merry Christmas to our Fredonia Family xoxox Making Chex Mix and wishing you were here 🙂

    Comment by emlynchly | December 24, 2016 | Reply

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