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More Thank You Books

Hello All,

The continued outpouring of support for Close to Home is blowing my mind. This is the most feedback I have ever gotten from any of my books, and I know I owe that to all you who gave it a chance after the whole early release issues. Every time I hear from a reader I am overwhelmed with gratitude that you allow me to tell our stories for a living.

To show my appreciation I’ve got two things going for you. First is the reader appreciation survey at https://www.quicksurveys.com/TolunaAnalytics/Report/1358389 It only takes two minutes to fill out so if you haven’t done so yet, please let me know how to give back to you in ways that make you feel the love!

Second, I want to give you a chance to win free books! This week, since we’re talking about a Darlington Romance, why don’t you comment here or on social media about your favorite Darlington character or moment? And if you haven’t read any of the Darlington Romances (The Long Way Home, Timeless, or Close To Home) then you can just mention a character from any of my books.

I’ll prick a winner at random next week, and that person will receive an autographed copy of Close To Home or an ebook copy of any of my other novels.

Thanks again, and happy weekend reading!



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  1. My favorite character is Beth. It’s hard to leave a seemingly satisfied life and partner. I think she sets an example for those of us who don’t feel comfortable to change our status. It really was difficult to pick one character though.

    Comment by dookie67 | February 10, 2017 | Reply

  2. I am so happy to hear that the book is doing well after a rocky start for things outside of your control! I would say that Duke is one of my favorite characters from Heart of the Game. Congrats!

    Comment by lesficreader | February 10, 2017 | Reply

  3. I want to comment on Timeless…It was the first time I had read in that sub-genre of romance and it blew my mind. I really had trouble wrapping my head around the magical realism in it, but once I had, it opened up an entirely new possibility in reading. that’s not to mention that, once again, the characterization bloomed beautifully. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Comment by onamarae | February 10, 2017 | Reply

  4. Darlington Romance

    My favorite Darlington character is Kelly.
    I am working in accounting and finance field, and I used to be told about our personalities such as uptight, stubborn, cryptic and impersonal. We like orders, rules and maintaining professional standards is very important to survive in the business.

    Kelly has all elements for the ideal of CPA profession. Her actions might be contrast to her emotions, but there are no evidences to claim as she is the heartless one. The hardest task is telling bad news. Working as a financial analyst, my one of responsibilities is rejection. When my clients asked me to create financial model for their dream business, I have to tell the truths which means I must be the one who breaks their heart, stops them to daydream and shows the facts.

    “Don’t make a promise you cannot keep and don’t say something unless you mean it.”

    I think Kelly follows the above quote by her heart and she has took my heart by her never-promise.

    Comment by pistachio7188 | February 15, 2017 | Reply

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