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I’m on the Edge

Whew! I’m finishing up a busy couple of weeks, but don’t let the title of this blog frighten you. I’m not on the edge of a breakdown or the edge of a bridge or anything. I’m on the early edge of the publicity cycle for my upcoming release, Edge of Glory!

My new romance follows a professional downhill skier and a professional Snowboard X racer as they race toward the Winter Olympics.  We just finished the page proofs of the typeset and sent it off to the printers so that even though the book won’t be widely released until mid-November, we can have some early-release copies available at Women’s Week!  That’s right, those of you who make it in to see us at one of the many Bywater Books events at Womencrafts in Provincetown will be able to get your hands on an early-release copy!  After that, we’ll start a more gradual roll out of ebooks on the Bywater website hopefully by the end of October, followed by print shipments to all the big retailers no later than November 14.

So over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing little insights about the story, snippets of the characters’ backstories, and excerpts from the book itself.  I’ll also be waxing poetic about my love of the Winter Olympics as we all join Corey and Elise’s countdown to the  XXIII Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea this coming February.

In the meantime, let’s get this party started by showing you the amazing cover from the endlessly talented Ann McMan.


And give you your first look at the bones of the story in the form of the official blurb for Edge of Glory:

Corey LaCroix only ever wanted to snowboard, but Olympic medals and world championships only carry you so far when your knees ache and you’re suddenly an underdog for the first time in your career. Elise Brandeis doesn’t need a training partner, especially an unorthodox has-been snowboarder with an attitude. But Elise has already lost a full season to injury, and she’s struggling to make the Olympic ski team. Can teaming up with Corey give her the edge she needs to go for gold, or will the snowboarder’s infuriatingly cocky smile and rock hard abs prove a distraction she simply can’t afford?

Both champions brace themselves for the run of a lifetime. Putting their broken bodies on the line, they fight the competition, the clock, and the frozen terrain for one more chance at glory. But this time, as they ride the razor’s edge between victory and defeat, the stakes are steeper than any mountain they will ever face when legacies and hearts collide.

So, what do you say? Want to join me on this race toward the release of a romance that will hopefully make your winter months a little hotter?

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