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Look What I Got!

So this is just going to be a short, happy blog with two main points.

1) I am going to Toronto tomorrow!  I freaking love Canada.  And on this trip I have the honor of reading with several other Lambda Literary Award finalists at Glad Day Bookshop (the worlds oldest LGBTQ bookstore!). If you are in the area, I sure hope you will join us at 7:30.


2) I got a box in the mail yesterday, and I didn’t know what it was because I didn’t think I’d ordered anything, until I saw the return label.  Not going to lie, first I tried to rip it open, then I tried to use my keys, which didn’t work because I drive a Prius.  Finally I found some scissors.


Thankfully, I got it open without cutting myself, and yup, it’s my books! <new release squee> Check out that sexy cover, and look away from the fact that I look like a big goober with that cheesy smile.


Really though, that’s book number 12 in my hands, and I know I’ve said this before, but I’m happy to report it still hasn’t gotten old yet.  This is always the moment it feels real,  like up until this point I have just been hanging out with my imaginary friends. It’s not until I hold it in my hands that I really feel like I’ve written a book.

So maybe, if you want to hold one of these babies in your hands, you can pre-order your copy of In Development right now!



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