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Holiday Book Deal

Hey Folks,

The holidays are upon us, the time of year when everyone is trying to feed you something or sell you something.  I don’t part take in any of the hectic Black Friday bustle, but I’ve been doing all my Small-Business Saturday and Cyber-Monday shopping.  I was also reading up on the Icelandic Jolabokaflod, which translates to the “Christmas Book Flood.”


Apparently, Iceland is super literary.  They publish a lot of books, and they read a lot of books, a fact that is never more evident at Christmas time, when they gift a lot of books.  I am falling in love with their tradition of giving loved ones books as presents on Christmas Eve so everyone can snuggle up in their warm pajamas and read until Christmas. How amazing does that sound?  I want to make it a thing here, so I’ve already gone ahead and bought Jackson some books for this Christmas Eve.



What about you?  You want in?

If so, I’ve got a couple ways to help.  Obviously, my awesome publisher, Bywater Books, has a webstore at www.bywaterbooks.com, where you can get not only my books, but some fantastic books by my friends and colleagues in print or ebook.

If you are looking for something personalized to go the extra mile, I also have a few copies of Perfect Pairing, Close To Home, Edge of Glory, In Development, and Love All at my house.  I’d be happy to autograph and mail those to you to give to someone you love, or to yourself, because it’s important to love yourself, too, right?


The price on those books is $15 each, plus $3 shipping in the continental US.  If you buy more than one book, we can combine shipping, and if you don’t live in the continental US I will still ship them too you, but the price will be dependent on whatever the post office tells me.  Supplies are limited and on a first come first served basis.

If you want to order books directly through me, either email me at Rachel_Spangler@yahoo.com, or comment below with your email, and I’ll contact you.  If I don’t respond within 48 hours, please assume the Internet ate your message, and try again!

Okay, now for a completely shameless and non-book related plug:  I am also hosting a Pampered Chef Party next weekend. You see, not so long ago, while still struggling to make it as an author, I used to sell Pampered Chef products, and I got kind of addicted.  Even though I’ve settled into my dream job as a writer, I still love to cook, and I still love all my Pampered Chef gear, so once a year I host a show for my friends.  If you or anyone you know likes to cook, please check out this link: www.pamperedchef.com/go/rachelspangler122018 

And even if you don’t buy a damn thing from me this holiday season, I hope it’s a good one for you, filled with laughter, light and love.


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Happy belated Thanksgiving from the Spangler family!


I hope that those of you who celebrate all had a wonderful holiday. I don’t believe in the whole pilgrims/Native American/colonist aspect of the day, but I do love any reminder that I have so much to be grateful for.  My wife and son, extended family, great friends,  amazing church,  good home, food on the table, and the best job in the world all top my list. Also this year, after a quick brush with strep throat, I am grateful for urgent care, rapid strep tests, and effective antibiotics.  I don’t take any of these things for granted.

The strep is also my excuse as to why this blog is late.  I hope you all don’t mind, because honestly I’m tremendously grateful for all of you, too.  That whole “best job in the world” thing wouldn’t be possible without those of you who buy and read and review and talk about my books.  You all feed my soul, and you also pay the bills for my literal food as well.  I wish I could have given each one of you a bite of my turkey or pumpkin pie yesterday.  What I can give you instead is 25% off my books, and the books of my awesome colleagues at www.bywaterbooks.com for the rest of the weekend.

Bywater Thanksgiving Ad

So, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Black Friday, Happy Small Business Saturday, Happy Cyber Monday, and, oh yeah, I’m happy you’re in my life.  Now go get some books!

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Tennis Mom Time

Hey All,

So the election is over and I’m ready to get back to books for a bit.  Things have been going pretty well with Love All, and I’m getting lots of great feedback.  If you’ve already read it, I’d really appreciate an honest review on Amazon.  Those things make a huge difference to authors, especially those of us in small genres like lesfic.

I’m thrilled to the hear so many people are enjoying the romance between Jay and Sadie, but I will admit I have heard from two people now that they were afraid to start the book because they don’t know anything about tennis.  If you fall into this category, fear not. I purposely wrote the book in a way that even people who don’t follow tennis can understand. However, if you still don’t trust me, I got some help from my favorite up-and-coming tennis star to give you a quick primer.

Below you’ll find a video featuring me and my son, Jackson, in which he shows you exactly what I mean by every tennis term I use in the book.  Seriously, this ten-minute video tells you everything you need to know in order to fully enjoy Love All with out getting lost on the sports end of the story. Well, except  we forgot to mention that in tennis scoring, “love” means zero. Yeah, I get that that’s kind of an important point for a book titled Love All, but now you know.

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