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Hey All,

So the election is over and I’m ready to get back to books for a bit.  Things have been going pretty well with Love All, and I’m getting lots of great feedback.  If you’ve already read it, I’d really appreciate an honest review on Amazon.  Those things make a huge difference to authors, especially those of us in small genres like lesfic.

I’m thrilled to the hear so many people are enjoying the romance between Jay and Sadie, but I will admit I have heard from two people now that they were afraid to start the book because they don’t know anything about tennis.  If you fall into this category, fear not. I purposely wrote the book in a way that even people who don’t follow tennis can understand. However, if you still don’t trust me, I got some help from my favorite up-and-coming tennis star to give you a quick primer.

Below you’ll find a video featuring me and my son, Jackson, in which he shows you exactly what I mean by every tennis term I use in the book.  Seriously, this ten-minute video tells you everything you need to know in order to fully enjoy Love All with out getting lost on the sports end of the story. Well, except  we forgot to mention that in tennis scoring, “love” means zero. Yeah, I get that that’s kind of an important point for a book titled Love All, but now you know.


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