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Happy Holidays

Today we travel.

It is not the end of the year, but it always sort of feels that way.  By the time I am back in my own living room, New Year’s Eve will be upon us.  The time for work is nearly past, and the time for reflection is setting in.

I like this time of year. I like how the hustle and bustle and anticipation of what’s to come manages to blend with the urge to slow down and look back.  It’s a time of great darkness, but also a sense of impending light. Whether your Hanukkah has come and gone, your Solstice is nigh, your Christmas or Kwanzaa is just around the corner, or you’re simply ready for the start of a New Year, I pray you find something worth celebrating.

I also hope you take the time to find your center, look back on where you’ve been, and turn your intentions to what may be.  A big part of that process for our family is making our year-in-review video.  So many times it’s easy to remember the hard times, the losses, the sadness, and the hopes that didn’t come to fruition. I don’t mean to negate those experiences. They were real, and they took their toll on all of us, but when I allow myself to set them aside for just a while and seek out the good, I usually find there was a lot more good than I initially thought.  That was especially true for our family this year.

If you’d like to share in some of those happy memories, here’s the video below.

And no matter where you are, or how you choose to mark the season, Happy Holidays from the Spangler family.

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