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Another New Release!

Hi Friends,

Welcome to this week’s edition of Rachel’s Really Excited!

Last week I got to celebrate the early release of my newest romance novel, Full English, and that part is still going on, exclusively over at www.bywaterbooks.com where you can pick up the book in print and ebook several weeks ahead of its wide release.


And now I get to pile on the fun with ANOTHER big announcement.  Are you ready?


In Development is now available in audiobook!

This is the first audiobook I have self-produced.  A few years ago when I gave the special address at the GCLS Annual Conference, I spoke about how our community needed to do a better job of reaching out to a wider array of audiences, and how until recently our visually impaired readers have either had to miss out on our fiction entirely, or suffer through substandard, computer-generated recordings.  I challenged al of us, myself especially, to make more of our work available in high-quality audio formats. We have come a long way in those few years, and I’m proud to say that more than half of my releases are now out on Audible, with more in production.

So, when it came time to publish In Development under a new model where I retained the audio rights, I knew that I wanted to continue that commitment, but I also knew it wasn’t something I could do at a high level all on my own.  Enter the wonderfully talented Ann Etter.


Ann and I met through the lesfic community several years ago and have forged a connection over great romances, raising active kids, and never shying away from long road trips. She’s become one of my go-to proofreaders. She also did a couple public/podcast readings of my work for various outlets including The Lesbian Review, and I just fell in love with her voice.  Her accent is incredibly similar to my own mash up of American Midwest and Northeast, but she has a much better range and smoothness I could never master.  Honestly, I listened to several other narrators, but there wasn’t even any real competition.

From there, Ann took on the heavy lifting of reading and editing, while I got to focus on being the rights holder (it involved reading a lot of paper work, of clicking tons of consent boxes and e-signing documents, then listening, approving, and clicking more boxes. Dramatic, I know).   Then the ever-awesome Ann McMan formatted her stellar cover to fit the audio book, and we held our breath.

But today the wait is finally over!  In Development is available through Audible and Amazon!


For those of you who have been waiting for this one on Audible, get it today!

For those of you who loved the book and want to hear it performed by a real vocal talent, get your copy today!

For those of you who support more accessibility in lesfic, get your copy today!

And for those of you who want to support authors, narrators, editors, cover artists, etc. so we can afford to keep producing lesfic audiobooks, you guessed it, go get your copy today!


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