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Hey folks,

First a little bit of housekeeping…not the boring kind, the fun kind! I have been remiss in sharing reviews of Spanish Surrender, but I hope you know how much I appreciate every single one of you who has taken the time to write one on Amazon, Goodreads, or other outlets. This week I got my first big write up from one of the LesFic community’s biggest review site, The Lesbian Review. Thanks goes to them, especially Anna Gram, who made my heart swell with comments like this:

“This book is hot in every way you can imagine. From the passionate arguments to the passionate love making. You’ll be entranced as you follow Simone and Loreto on their journey to discover the truth about Spain and the truth about each other. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll learn as they do that sometimes you have to surrender to truly embrace life and love as it was meant to be enjoyed.”

You can read the full review right here, but let me tell you, it’s just about everything a writer could want to hear.

And that puts me in a great mood, and when I’m in a great mood, it makes me want to share more books with y’all, which brings me to the main point of this blog: I’m having a book sale!

I’ve got at least a few copies of every single one of my books on hand, and I’m selling them off at below the cover price, with a few extra bonuses along the way.

Each book is $15. Here’s a list of what I have available:

Learning Curve (2 Copies)
Trails Merge (4 Copies)
The Long Way Home (A Darlington Romance) (4 Copies)
LoveLife (2 Copies)
Spanish Heart (2 Copies)
Does She Love You? (2 Copies)
Timeless (A Darlington Romance) (4 Copies)
Heart of the Game (4 Copies)
Perfect Pairing (4 Copies)
Close To Home (A Darlington Romance) (2 Copies)
Edge of Glory (7 Copies)
In Development (3 Copies)
Love All (7 Copies)
Full English (9 Copies)
Spanish Surrender (10 Copies)

Now for the extras:
I will autograph each book, either with a personalized inscription to you or with my name and the date, depending on your preference. I will autograph each book you buy.

Shipping is $3 a book in the continental US, but if you buy more than one, I will combine shipping. The more books you buy, the cheaper the shipping gets per book. I make no money on shipping and I am willing to get price quotes for you ahead of billing. Same goes for international shipping: I can check the price, and you pay only what I pay in shipping and packaging.

And in keeping with the theme of buying more saves you more…

If you buy 5 books, I’ll throw in a 6th one for free.

If you buy 9 books, I’ll throw 2 in for free.

If you buy 13 books, I’ll throw in the two free print books, plus a free eBook copy of my upcoming release, Fire and Ice, before its wide release! (Obviously there are only 2 copies of a couple of these, so only two people have a shot at the 13-book offer. If you want it, move quickly! First come, first served.)

Email all orders to Rachel_Spangler@yahoo.com. Put something like “Book Sale” in the title, because if you don’t, I might think it’s spam and delete it. Also in the email, be sure to tell me your PayPal address, your shipping address, and how you want me to autograph your books.

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