Fire and Ice: The Book Box!

Hello Folks,

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Fire and Ice countdown.

Shit is starting to get real now, as not only have I heard rumors that the ebooks might be available a few weeks early, I know for a fact that early print run is starting to roll off the presses because I got my copies this week!

This is my 16th full length novel and let me tell you, the arrival of the never gets old!

My whole family gets excited about it, bless their hearts. My son found this box first and ran in shouting, “You got books!” And, after fixing my hair a little bit, my wife grabbed the camera to document the opening. I always feel a bit embarrassed, but then again why not make a fuss? I started working on this book a year ago!

The moment when I finally see the new baby my heart always gives a little skip. I mean a years worth of work on screens and in clouds and emails and PDFs, followed months out of my hands, and then it’s there, and more real than ever, and beautiful!

And I’m proud. And happy. And a little wistful. And a little in awe of it all. I feel so grateful to be able to do this work, and so appreciative of everyone who supports me along the way. This moment always feels like the completion of a journey for me. My work here is done. I am holding my reward. Now the only thing I can do, is pray that some one you enjoy it, too.

You can pre-order your copy of Fire and Ice today or if you’re going to Women’s Week this October in Provincetown, you can pick up your copy at Womencrafts, a week before it’s available in any other stores!

Published by rachelspangler

Rachel Spangler never set out to be an award winning author. She was just so poor and so easily bored during her college years that she had to come up with creative ways to entertain herself, and her first novel, Learning Curve, was born out of one such attempt. She was sincerely surprised when it was accepted for publication and even more shocked when it won the Golden Crown Literary Award for Debut Author. Since writing was turning out to be a real blast, Rachel decided to combine it with another passion and set her next romance on the ski slopes, and was absolutely stunned when her second novel, Trails Merge, won a Goldie in the category of Contemporary Romance. However, no amount of book signing or award winning can really change a Midwestern boi, and her third novel, the Goldie finalist The Long Way Home is just that, a return to the themes and settings that mean the most in Rachel’s life and writing. Her forthcoming novels include LoveLife (April 2011) and Spanish Heart (October 2011), both from Bold Strokes Books. Rachel and her partner, Susan, are raising their young son in small-town western New York, where during the winter they all make the most of the lake effect snow on local ski slopes, and in summer they love to travel and watch their beloved St. Louis Cardinals. Regardless of the season, Rachel always makes time for a good romance, whether she’s reading it, writing it, or living it. Rachel can be found online at as well as on Facebook.

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