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Close to Home Audiobooks

Hi Friends,

I know I’ve been pushing hard re: the wide release of Fire & Ice, and I’m going to get back to that next week, but today I want to pile on the excitement by announcing that Close to Home is now available in audiobook form!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Close to Home, here’s the blurb:

Kelly Rolen is a CPA—she’s smart, she’s focused, and she’s worked hard to build an orderly career and a respectable life in her hometown of Darlington, Illinois. Everything is precisely as it should be. Well, it is until her father suffers a debilitating stroke during the busiest time of her year—tax season. Suddenly, Kelly finds herself overworked, exhausted, behind schedule, and forced to hire an intern to meet her deadlines.

Elliot Garza is young and brash, but she’s also a talented accounting student who is charismatic, driven, and solely focused on completing her internship so she can escape from the bleak Midwestern town to Washington, DC and her dream job. She knows she has the professional skills necessary to do the job well, but she is less certain about her ability to handle her beautiful, prickly, demanding, and compelling new boss.

In this fresh new romance from one of the genre’s top young authors, will Kelly’s past and Elliot’s future add up to something greater than the sum of their escalating attraction, or will the answer to their equation end up hitting too close to home?

And if you aren’t sure this book is your cup of tea, here’s a link to the The Lesbian Review’s write up: https://www.thelesbianreview.com/close-home-rachel-spangler/ *Spoiler alert* They liked the book so much they gave it two reviewer-favorite badges along with the designations of “Best of the Best” and “highly recommended.”

If that’s not enough to pique your interest, wait there’s more! The audiobook version is narrated by my super-talented friend Ann Etter, who also read the audiobook version of In Development.

Aside from being an all-around vocal joy, Ann has the perfect voice for this book, as she actually is a Midwestern CPA. I mean, seriously? Could you get a better fit for Close To Home? I think not!

So to celebrate, I am going to give away a free Audible download code to one lucky winner who shares this blog on social media. Don’t forget to tag me so I have your entry on record. And if you already bought your copy of Close To Home on Audible (thank you!), I will give you a download code for one of my other audiobooks instead!

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Fire & Ice: Wide Release!

Hi Friends,

I am super excited to announce that Fire & Ice is now widely available in print and eBook, wherever great books are sold!

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, the awesome reviews are rolling in and making me feel all the warm fuzzies. I’ve always been a little shy about reading/sharing/asking for reviews, but I’m working on that because feminism!

I’m working on not putting myself down so much, and trying to accept compliments with grace rather than brushing them off. I’m also, slowly, working on being more comfortable with self-promotion, because honestly, if queer women don’t learn to promote ourselves and each other, who will do it for us? The Patriarchy? I think not.

Besides, we have so many wonderful reviewers in our fields of lesfic and romance, and their work deserves to be seen, so here goes, starting with the big boss of all reviewers because for the first time ever, I got a review from the New York Times.

Yeah, talk about nerd porn, I almost passed out when the NYT included Fire & Ice in a piece on fall romances.

Max and Callie emerge as a complicated, messy, believable match. The professional drive, stubbornness and pride that connect them also create the challenges to their happy ending. Spangler writes fights and misunderstandings with heartbreaking precision, but she puts her characters’ hearts — and the readers’ — back together by the end.” ~ Jamie Green, NYT Book Review

They may have also mentioned the book’s “copious charm,” and I may or may not be planning to have that phrase tattooed somewhere on my body. I’ll leave you to guess where as I move on, because as cool at as it is for the NYT to pick up a lesbian romance novel, I’m not about to forget the awesome folks who have been doing that for years and years. Velvet Lounger of the Lesbian Reading Room has been doing just that for our community, and I was thrilled to hear that someone who has read so many great romances enjoyed Fire & Ice enough to say:

I really enjoyed this one, read it in a day, couldn’t put it down, not because it’s a page-turning drama but because I enjoyed seeing the interaction and growth of the two main characters, literally fire and ice coming together to make steam. Excellent reading and highly recommended.” ~ VELVET LOUNGER, The Lesbian Reading Room.

That’s right, fire and ice together makes steam, people! Who’s ready to get steamy with me? Gaby, from Lez Review Books, that’s who! She wrote:

There are a few authors that really know how to write sports romances and Spangler is one of them. What Spangler is great at is having the perfect amount of sports to romance. While most sports romances don’t have enough sports, they can occasionally swing the opposite direction so that the romance takes a backseat. Spangler gets the ratio perfect so that both the romance and the sport featured shines.” ~ Gaby, LezReviewBooks.com

Thanks Gaby, and I agree, sports + romance = so much fun to write!

And lest I forget the men who also show love to women’s fiction, I also want to share a bit from Amos Lassen and Grady Harp, who continues to support queer writers up and down the spectrum.

This is not the first book by Rachel Spangler and in fact I have read several over the past ten years. This book shows a level of maturity in her writing that was not always there in her other books. Sometimes this is just what an author has to find his turf and I believe that Spangler has done just that with “Fire & Ice”. ~ Amos Lassen

Said before, and say again, Rachel’s writing style is so natural it makes the reader feel the sense of eavesdropping – a polished skill for authors. This is a solid, entertaining, lusty and well-scribed important novel.” ~ Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

Sincerely guys, y’all are next level gays, and I appreciate you!

And now this has become a long blog, which makes me happy because our community is awesome. I hope you all have bought your copy of Fire & Ice so you too can get in on this big ole lesfic love-fest, but either way, I appreciate you sticking with me. You’re here, I’m queer, we have many books and readers out there to share the joy, and that’s a great space to be in!

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Fire and Ice: Early Release

Fire and Ice is out! Well, the eBooks are available on my publisher’s website, that is. The print books will still launch at Womencrafts during Women’s Week in Ptown, but if you can’t be there, then what are you waiting for? Go get your eBook copy of Fire and Ice today!

That’s it. That’s the end of the blog. Why are you still reading this when you could be reading Fire and Ice?

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