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Learning Curve

Learning Curve

It’s never too late to learn about love…even when the lessons turn your world upside down.

Ashton Clarke, a local Casanova with a long history of falling into bed with a different woman every night, is perfectly content with her free and easy existence until she gives in to her best friend’s request to spend an evening helping out at the local gay and lesbian youth center.  There, Ash meets Carrie Fletcher, a women’s studies professor who not only intrigues Ash but causes her to question the direction her life has taken.

As if this disquieting attraction isn’t aggravating enough, Ash is forced to deal with Carrie’s teenage neighbor Tess, whose bad attitude and biting wit seem to complicate every situation.

Ash doesn’t want to be attracted to Carrie, who isn’t looking for a relationship with anyone, and Tess is angry at the world, but especially, it seems, with Ash. Despite resistance on the part of all three women, it soon becomes obvious that the trio’s destinies are hopelessly intertwined and the lessons in store will change all their lives.

Pages: 232
ISBN: 9781602820012
Pub Date: Jan 2008

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Read an Except of Learning Curve

Learning Curve was my first book, and your first time is always special, right?

I was new in the ways of writing, editing, publishing, promoting, and everything really, but in the end I was very proud of my debut novel.  It was a labor of love for me, and I still think about its characters from time to time.  I even hear Tess talking to me every now and then, so there’s always the chance she’ll make another appearance in print.

In the meantime I thought I’d share a few of my firsts with you.

Here is a picture of me holding Learning Curve as well as my son, Jackson.


I always found it funny that I didn’t get pregnant until a month after I signed the contract for Learning Curve, and yet Jackson arrived before the book did.

Here’s a picture of me doing my very first reading.  I was among friends, but I was still completely nervous, to the point that my hands were shaking.


Accompanying my first reading was my first book signing.  I felt so pretentious signing autographs (and still do).  It’s a very surreal feeling.


I was very pleased, however, that my first signed book went to my good friend Toni.


Here’s me winning the Golden Crown Literary Award for Debut Author for Learning Curve.

Awards 6

Finally, to hear a podcast of my first scene, from the first chapter, of my first book, you can check out http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=309032783

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