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Life coach Elaine Raitt is educated, elegant, and dedicated to her profession. Blue-collar boi Joey Lang is too insecure to even approach her—that is until her well-meaning but meddling best friend Lisa decides to break the ice and makes Joey a life-coaching appointment with Elaine. A session meant to bring clarity only leaves them both feeling more confused about their purpose in life and love.

Will Joey be able to find the strength to chase the woman of her dreams, and even if she does, will Elaine be willing to risk the life she loves for the woman who could be the love of her life?

Pages: 240
Pub Date: April 2012
ISBN 13: 9781602826557

Buy LoveLife Here

Read an excerpt of LoveLife Here

Here’s the trailer for LoveLife

Here’s a video of me reading an except from LoveLife

And just in case you are one of the three people in the world who has not heard the ego killing background story behind the start of LoveLife, here it is in three parts.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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