Wonder Boi Writes


Seriously, you people are still interested in reading about me?  Crazy voyeurs 😉

  • Rachel Lee Spangler – Rachel like in the Bible. Lee is a family name on my father’s side.  Spangler is super German. One of my ancestors was tried for conspiring to kill Lincoln of at least helping John Wilkes Booth get away after the fact.  Another one of my ancestors invented a vacuum cleaner.  There is a Spangler candy company, they make Dum Dums.
    • I was born in Illinois (10/20/82) and moved to Bradenton Florida when I was two. I moved back to Illinois when I was 15.  I moved to Western New York when I was 23.  I am a Midwesterner at heart and a small town boi, as much as that bugs me sometimes.  I like to live close to big cities but not in them.  I totally hate the suburbs.  There are cities and there all small towns, everything else is a cultural wasteland.
    • I’m a sports freak.  I always wanted to play on my brother’s sports teams but after age 8 I couldn’t because I was a girl.  I wouldn’t play softball because I felt it was a lesser sport and if I couldn’t play baseball I wasn’t going to play some hacked down version for girls.  Things are different now and I often wonder if I would be more athletic and healthier today if I had been able to play baseball as a kid.  As it is, I am an avid spectator and overly aggressive at wiffle ball.
  • I do ski, it’s the only athletic thing I do.  People always think I ski better than I do because I go fast.  The truth is I gofast because I’m not good at turning and my skis get the better of me.  I try not to fight it, because when I fight I fall so I just let go and say a silent prayer that there’s plenty of room to burn at the bottom of the slope.  I’m really in a constant state of fear, which makes every run a bit like a roller coaster.
    • I went to Illinois State University and had a blast.  I was having so much fun at the end of undergrad that I decided to stay on for Grad School.  That was less fun and more work, but I’m still glad I did it.  No one had more fun in class than I did.  I learned so much from so many amazing professors and that kind of ruined me for the “real world” becuase now any time anything doesn’t go my way I want to go back to school.
    • I have a B.A. an M.A. and two minor degrees and have not worked a single day in any of the fields that fall under anyof those degrees. I plan on getting a few more degrees I have no intention of using. (Next up, theology).  I’m easily bored, once I’ve learned something I’m ready to move on to something else.  Thankfully I’m a passable writer and so I get to write about whatever strikes my fancy at any given moment and make a little bit of money off of that which saves me from getting a real job.
    • I love writing but I have more ideas than I have time to write them.  I think I’m going to start auctioning off my novel ideas. For a reasonable price I’ll come up with a story and an outline as well as character studies for all the main character, then someone else can write the book.  Any takers?
      • I do things on whims.  I get crazy ideas in my head and jump into them without thinking them through.  This gets me into trouble with house projects, but has led to some fun stuff like whitewater rafting, marching on Washington D.C., going to Iowa for the presidential caucuses, and doing drag.   There are other things though that bring out a totally anal retentive side of me.  I put together travel binders that make War and Peace look like a children’s book and my grocery list always takes three drafts.
    • My wife and I once ate Pizza twice a day for two whole months in an attempt to see how long it would take before we got tired of it, we never did.  Eventually we had to cut off the experiment because it became evident that it becoming too hard to eat pizza every day (on road trips, formal dinner, out with our parents) long before we actually get tired of doing so.  Shockingly we both lost nearly 5lbs during that 60 days.

    • Not everyone I’ve voted for has been a Democrat but I have never voted for a Republican.  I would have voted forGeorge Bush the first time around, but I was too young and I am eternally grateful for that.  I am interested in politics but I admit it can sometimes be like gawking at a car wreck as you pass by.   My claim to political fame this that I volunteered for Barrack Obama during his first senate primary back when no one knew how to pronouce his name.

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