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Hello Friends,

Let me start today’s blog by saying thank you to my friend and fellow author Jove Belle for generally being an all around good person to know, and specifically for kicking off the Bywater and Ylva Lesbian Fiction Blog Hop. She and I have known each other for years and often talked about how awesome our community of readers and writers is. It’s been fun to get to work with her on bringing a great group of authors together to help promote the genre. If you missed her blog yesterday, you can catch it here.

Now I get to follow her act by telling you a little bit about my forthcoming release, Perfect Pairing! This will be my first book with Bywater Books, and I’m both excited and nervous about it. I want very much to show them that I can bring something to the table for them. I’m working with my long-time friend Kelly Smith, and I want to live up to the high standards of quality she’s set for her authors. I want to prove to those authors that I belong among them with the likes of Marianne K. Martin, Ann McMan, Ellen Hart, Fay Jacobs, and so many others. I want to be worthy of the truly amazing cover that Ann McMan made for me.


And yet, at the same time I’m feeling some new pressure to perform, I’m also working hard to stay true to who I am. It’s so easy to get distracted by the new shiny thing, the hot gimmick, the greener grass just on the other side of the proverbial fence. It’s not always easy to tell the difference between challenging by choice and chasing trends, so after a few months of being away from Perfect Pairing I wanted to come back to my final round of edits with fresh eyes. On this last time through (or at least the last time to make real changes), I asked myself not whether or not this was a book my editors, colleagues, or peers would be proud of, but if it’s something I’m proud of. The answer is a resounding yes.

Here’s the official blurb:

Hal Orion is an accomplished chef and food truck owner. She loves her life, her longtime sous chef and best friend, and the food she shares with the residents of her beloved city of Buffalo. Her life is exactly how she wants it: no strings, no commitments, and no roots—just great grilled cheese and a whole lot of freedom on the side.

Quinn Banning is an investment banker, and the dividend she seeks is a resurgence of the once-great city of Buffalo. Putting together her next business venture, she recognizes Hal’s talent and charm as necessary assets for success—her good looks don’t hurt, either. But Hal’s transient ways are in direct opposition to the stability Quinn craves. Relying on their shared love of Buffalo, Quinn makes Hal an offer she can’t refuse—a restaurant under her own name, complete creative control, and secure financial backing. It’s every chef’s dream. But Hal utters the one word Quinn can’t stand to hear, “No.”

Will their physical attraction grow cold as they argue over their ideals, or will they find that the most distinctive ingredients often make for the perfect pairing?

I’ll go into more detail about the book, the characters, and share a lot of grilled cheese recipes over the next few months. If you’re interested in following along, go ahead and click the “sign me up” button under the “Email Subscription” tab in the far right column of this page. Did I mention there would be grilled cheese recipes?


While you’re clicking on links, feel free to pre-order the book here. Or follow me on Facebook here.

Finally, don’t forget to follow the Blog Hop as it continues for the rest of the month. You can find the next entry on February 9th over at Cheryl is one of my newest colleagues. She’s smart, reflective, and one hell of a writer. I can’t wait for you all to meet her.

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Rachel Spangler never set out to be an award winning author. She was just so poor and so easily bored during her college years that she had to come up with creative ways to entertain herself, and her first novel, Learning Curve, was born out of one such attempt. She was sincerely surprised when it was accepted for publication and even more shocked when it won the Golden Crown Literary Award for Debut Author. Since writing was turning out to be a real blast, Rachel decided to combine it with another passion and set her next romance on the ski slopes, and was absolutely stunned when her second novel, Trails Merge, won a Goldie in the category of Contemporary Romance. However, no amount of book signing or award winning can really change a Midwestern boi, and her third novel, the Goldie finalist The Long Way Home is just that, a return to the themes and settings that mean the most in Rachel’s life and writing. Her forthcoming novels include LoveLife (April 2011) and Spanish Heart (October 2011), both from Bold Strokes Books. Rachel and her partner, Susan, are raising their young son in small-town western New York, where during the winter they all make the most of the lake effect snow on local ski slopes, and in summer they love to travel and watch their beloved St. Louis Cardinals. Regardless of the season, Rachel always makes time for a good romance, whether she’s reading it, writing it, or living it. Rachel can be found online at as well as on Facebook.

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