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My books can be purchased at all major retailers or directly from their respective publishers (see each book’s page for links). If you want your book signed you can buy them directly from me, via pay pal. For more information on this option please e-mail me at

Click on any book cover to learn more of the story behind the story.

Straight Up

Fire and Ice

Spanish Surrender

Full English

Love All

In Development_2

In Development


Edge of Glory


Close to Home


Perfect Pairing

Heart of the Game 300 DPI

Heart Of The Game

Timeless 300 DPI


Does She Love You 300 DPI

Does She Love You?

Spanish Heart


The Long Way Home

 Trails Merge


Learning Curve

I also have a story called “Baby Steps” in Romantic Interludes 1: Discovery.
The story follows new moms Kale and Grace as they relearn what it means to be romantic with a baby in the house.  The anthology features a host of romantic short stories from some of Bold Strokes Books finest authors.



12 thoughts on “My Books

  1. I initially found your myspace page via Victoria. I am also a western upstate new yorker. Your books sound like something I would enjoy reading and one day may find the time.

    Thanks for being you and helping to forge the way for other lesbian writers!!

    Love and Peace be with you always!

  2. Dear Rachel

    I Just finished ‘Leaning Curves’ today – and I have to say, it was great. I really enjoyed the story, the characterisation, the pacing…just everything!

    Thank you for the entertainment!

    After reading ‘Learning Curves’, I looked around (am weird like that!) where I could order an ebook of ‘Trails Merge’ but with no luck…any ideas?

    With Best Wishes,

    1. Hi Monika,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed Learning Curve! Thanks for taking the time to find me and let me know what you thought of it. It always makes my day to hear from happy readers.

      As for Trails Merge you can get it from my publisher at or you can get it directly from me via paypal (and I’ll autograph it for you). You should also be able to order it from most major book retailers. If you want it autographed from me just e-mail me at


  3. Hi Rachel!

    I did another search via google and finally got a listing for ‘Trails Merge’ ebook on Bold Strokes. I wish I could take up your extremely generous offer of an autographed copy – unfortunately, paperback shipping makes books expensive and the delivery takes too long…

    I just know I’ll regret this!

    Nevertheless, thank you for responding to a fan…

    All the Best,

  4. Hello Rachel

    I finished ‘Trails Merge’ last night and the time was so well spent.

    Every time i think i knew where the story was going, there were little surprises and i loved it!

    thank you again for the excellent writing – am now looking forward to reading your next.


    1. Wow Monika, what a great compliment that you finished Trails Merge so quickly. You read much faster than I can write, but I hope to have info about my next release soon so I’ll keep you posted.

      Thanks for reading, and thank you for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed my work.


  5. Hi Rachel!

    I devoured your ‘The Long Way Home’ and thought it was just brilliant!

    Raine’s journey is so profound. She is such a compelling character. All your characters are always drawn with so much affection and sensitivity that one always feels a little a sad when the book ends – but then there is always the next one to look forward to! 🙂 (but please, no pressure!)

    I have enjoyed all your books (as you know!) and this one is no exception. Thank you so much for writing.


  6. Monika – you totally just made my morning! I’m just so thrilled that Raine resonated with you. It’s so nerve-wracking to pour your heart in to a character and then sit and pray that someone “gets it” its such relieve to hear that you found her compelling.

    I’m busy writing on the next one but alas this is a painfully slow process at times. Still, hearing feedback like this gives me the motivation I need to keep pushing, so thank you!


  7. I just finished “Trails Merge”. Finally! A writer of lesbian fiction who can actually tell a story. Your ability to make the characters come alive was so enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed your book and I look forward to reading the next “Rachel Spangler” that I can get my hands on. A friend gave me the book, I had yet to find an author of Lesbian Fiction that depicts our lifestyle with truth and dignity until reading your book. Thank you.

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